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If you’re heading out of town or need a safe space for your pets to stay for any reason, my home is open to you.

I understand how complex the decision to board your pet can be, and am committed to creating a

comfortable & safe home-away-from-home.


During their stay, we can guarantee the following for your pup:

60 minute walk daily
(on or off leash)

supervised access to a variety of toys & enrichment activities

access to a large backyard in a quiet neighborhood

For one night stays

(up to 24 hours)

1 dog

2 dogs


For multi-day stays

(price per day)

1 dog

2 dogs


For day boarding

4 hours

8 hours


These prices are based on your pet being dropped off & picked up from my home.

An image of 2 dogs falling asleep on each other in the car, after a long walk.


🐾  My goal is to make the transition from your home to mine as smooth as possible for your pets, which involves building your pet’s trust and adjusting the lay-out of my home for their individualized needs. 

🐾  I am committed to following your pet’s schedule as closely as I can, which includes feeding, exercise & cuddling routines.

🐾  I take a fear-free approach to pet handling which involves prioritizing the reduction of feelings of stress a dog may feel in a new environment.

An image of 2 cats laying on a chair together with their bellies out, looking up at the camera.


I am located off Cairndale Road in Colwood. As the property owner, your pet will have access to a large secure patio as well as supervised access to my fenced-in backyard. 

There is a dedicated and spacious bedroom for boarding clients, with a door that backs on to the patio. Your pet will also have supervised access to the main living space! They will always have access to water, toys and clean bedding. Your pet’s safety and security are my top priority, and when I need to step out of the home & are unable to take them with me, they will be securely set-up in the boarding room.

A birdseye image of Robyn's backyard, that shows the patio and garden areas available to boarding clients.
An image of the room used for pet boarding in Robyn's house. it shows large windows and a sliding glass door.
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